Monday, February 2, 2015

A Blog with no Audience - and That is Just Fine

I finally figured out how to get back to blogging - by getting back to basics, having the right places to post, and not worrying about an audience or posting to someone's "stream".   I want to blog again the old fashioned way - almost like a personal journal - and I may post quite a bit.

So it is not just a big incomprehensive dump, however, I am organizing my blogging into three interest areas:  "Starting from Zero" for personal development,  "The Progressive Libertarian" for politics, and this blog - with right now the rather lame name of "Rob's Business Journey" for business and technology posts.   Having these three blogs will allow me to write more frequently and then to publish to Google+ or Twitter when I want.

I am looking forward to this really - Google+ is a terrible place for writing and while I'm concerned with Google fanboyism in the comments I think I will be able to post more or less whatever I want here.

And speaking of Google - I just noticed on the control panel for blogger that the that they advertise the "Google Business Community" - takes you to that Google+ "Small Business Community" that is run by Google staff.   I have been trying to figure out what Google's vision for communities and also how to get my community data by talking to these people and it is near impossible - I am dealing with a hive mind.

More on that later for my non-audience.