Monday, February 2, 2015

After 60 years, I finally have a bio

It has been on my list forever and it was a total bitch to write.   Short stuff is always a bitch to write - I need to find that quote about "I would have written you a shorter letter but I didn't have the time".    It kept coming up in all my planning though - a critical building block for business development and social media presence.  So without further ado here it is:  

Rob Gordon is an innovative small business leader specializing in technology project management, business and content writing, and community development. He has worked on projects in almost every industry including software, financial services, infrastructure development, biotechnology, manufacturing and startups. During the dot com boom, he managed a team of 20 project managers for a Silicon Valley consulting firm and has had overseas assignments for Royal Dutch Shell in West Africa and the U.S. Agency for International Development project in Egypt.
Business interests include community development for small business entrepreneurs and advocacy for self employed professionals and the independent workforce. Technology interests include project planning and scheduling systems, small business CRM (customer relationship management) and collaborative tools and techniques that can be used for project and venture acceleration. 
He currently provides professional services for entrepreneurs, small business owners and startup founders who want to change the world, but might need a little help getting organized along the way.   Always open to new business ideas and collaboration with like-minded professionals, feel free to contact Rob by the links provided or through any of the major social networks.

The wording is a little awkward in some places because I hate referring to myself as "Rob" so edited that out when I could.  Just now did a word count - 185 so brought it in under 200 - about right.   May need some tweaks but is better than what I had before, and maybe got rid of some "block" I had.

Another insight today - I did far more work on that accelerator than I though at first and I need to start getting that published - maybe two a week - probably on the World Startups blog - there is an ebook i the making there.