Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Frauds and Liars posing as "Social Media Professionals" on Google+

I have another vicious, out of the blue personal attack on Google+ yesterday, and it was a full day of negative ugly crap I had to deal with.   This one was from Andrij Harasewych  who runs the "Social Media Strategy" community and it wasn't the first time it has happened.  Previously he had trolled our entrepreneurs community on Google+ with some  really vicious personal attacks against people who had posted some mild MLM - which were not against our guidelines but he decided it was his business.

These post were long buried and forgotten but his attacks on our members were filled with cheap shots and innuendo because he didn't like their "business model".   Naturally the people he attacked were outraged  by his lies and had every right to defend themselves against his false accusations - but most of them understandably left Google+.

I can't remember why we were so nice to him and I even had to write a letter to one of the co-owners of his community asking what to do about him.  Clearly it was a mistake because yesterday he turned his vitriol against me with no provocation - none.  He told so many lies about me while he was spewing out comments on different posts, that I could hardly keep track, but basically he saw a drama queen opportunity when he saw a goofy picture of a bikini clad woman I had posted a few nights before and decided it would be clever to claim that because of this I somehow support 'revenge porn'.  Those with a half ounce of intelligence can recognize "concern trolling" when they see it but anyone who looked at those pictures would know how absurd that is.

He didn't stop there, however, he claimed I had somehow I had "forced" him to view these pictures - he knows that is impossible but used word trickery to fool some of our less experienced members that I had done this dirty deed.  

I consider Andrij Harasewych to be a pig and a liar.

Those who know me know how rare it is for me to use words like that about another person but I know for a fact he is a liar because he lied about me - and when he played his "revenge porn" card he became a disgusting pig in my eyes

In addition to being a liar, however  Andrij Harasewych is incredibly stupid.  Among the shit he tried to throw against the wall was another lie about "copyright violations" - atopic about which is is completely ignorant, and some weird claim for entertainment because I have business information on my profile.   I feel really sorry for any company

They say in small business you should give people two strikes - the five or six times Andrij Harasewych  did his drama queen troll crap here before should have been more than one, but his attack and lies about he again here have shown his true character, and I would never do business with someone of such low character or any company stupid enough to hire him.  I know I have wasted FAR too much time on this loser - he is just a failed mechanical engineer who became a failed social media consultant, but I did want to document what happened.

Plus, there is another issue here that should be addressed.   Google+ gives enormous advantage to trolls like Andrij Harasewych.  I spent my whole day yesterday dealing with his shit from his unprovoked attack, and a loser like him simply shouldn't have that much power.   I will be writing more about this but because of trolls like him it is extraordinarily difficult for small business to use Google+ and these "social media consultants" are making it almost impossible to use for social or for business.

UPDATE:  Wow - this Andriv Harasewych dude is one sick puppy.  He came back again at me - month later with his "John Stall" troll sock puppet account that is one of the ones he uses to harass people.   This is one of Google's "suggested users' - wow Google, just way.  I know you have bad taste in people but this is pathetic.