Thursday, March 12, 2015

Google for Entrepreneurs

I have apparently been blocked by "Google for Entrepreneurs" - here is the post I plan on making on Google+ tomorrow.    I didn't express it here, but my "gut feel" is that there is something corrupt about this program

*Google for Entrepreneurs*  I have apparently been blocked by "Google for Entrepreneurs"  I have thought for a while that this seemed to be a poorly managed program but was careful how I expressed it.

Apparently they have become so accustomed to people sucking up to them that even mild criticisms are considered to be unacceptable. It hardly matters what I think though  - anything they say or do is _massively_ praised here - they even seem to have a few people who specialize in that on almost every post.  I recall once when they posted a bunch of videos that were being praised and reshared before anyone could possibly have watched them, as I did - you could tell by the time stamps.

To the extent that "Google for Entrepreneurs" can even be called "a program" is borderline -  it is a "greatest good for the smallest number" program that seems to be one designed more to benefit Google employees then anyone else.  I am not sure what I said that was so horrible that it caused me to be blocked, but something smells funny, and I don't say that lightly.  I read every post, watched almost every video, and went over every page of their website over a period of several years - I doubt if many people can say that.  Not once, did I see any way for me or anyone remotely like me to get involved or even a way to apply - it is obviously for the benefit of their friends and associates, who may profit greatly from it.

I have no doubt at all that the "Google for Entrepreneurs" people think of themselves as being totally awesome.  Why wouldn't they? - people are constantly telling them how great they are and anyone who has a different take they can censor.   With all this praise they get my opinion hardly matters, and maybe no one cares, but I do wish to publicly express my disgust with the "Google for Entrepreneurs" program.