Saturday, April 11, 2015

Why is it so hard for solopreneurs to form teams?

I asked this question on Hacker News, but got no response.  Then I started to write this up for the entrepreneurs community but decided to not post it just yet.   I decided to post it here as a zero draft anyway. 

As I have mentioned here I am working on "venture acceleration for solopreneurs" material - possibly an ebook, and this is part of "the why".    I think there are probably lots of reasons - one simply being that as an adult, everyone tends to be in different "phases" of their life and it is hard to sysc up exactly.  Some people may just be starting a new corporate job, or the business interests don't align exactly, or family issues,  differences in finances and available time - many factors that make it difficult to "match up".    That's way venture capitalists often go after young adults in their 20's and get them to form small startup teams  they are much more likely to be in the same "place" in life, and are also more easily controlled by VC money,  

So here is the thing - for this project, at least, I am not focusing on trying to get a team going,  I am exploring how far an solopreneur can race ahead without one, but I still need to know this.  In my research, I am amazed that no one says why - there are just thousands of articles on "How to Build a Great Team".   Also, might be good to have some bullet points on "the downside of having a team" - and the advantage of going solo - moving faster, etc.